Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Royal Wedding. Part 1

With the Royal Wedding only a week away i think i can honestly say i am totally consumed by it all.
What has interested me the most are the videos on YouTube. To make me smile inbetween doing my disseration ( vain of my life) i have been amusing myself by finding the top Kate and Will youtube video of the day.
Many of my facebook follwers i think have begun to realise my obsession with anything British and anything wedding orientated. So obviously the wedding is furfilling alot of my obsessions!

T mobile have done a mick take of the wedding video posted a few years ago to Chris Brown Forever. This featured an american couple getting married. They walked down the isle to Forver along with their wedding party. This feel good song and amusing dancing made the video a hit on You Tube with many wedding lovers! I personally loved it, and wish i too could have the confidence to pull something like this off

T Mobiles version shows the Royal Family walking downt the isle in a simular way. My words cant describe how funny i found this. Best to watch it for yourself i think...

I hope you enjoyed this as much as i did..
More Royal wedding tomorrow.. with the release of the Kate and Will DVD of how they met Movie i will be giving my low down on it all! eeekkk Also top tips on how to dress like Kate Middleton. Am i going ott? I will leave it for you to deside

Lucy x

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