Saturday, 21 November 2009

Blenium Palace


So as part of my birthday the boyfriend took me here. I love these places get a little to in to them. It wasnt a lovelly day wetahre wise but wow it is an amazing place. This history and just the building it self is just breath taking!!

This is the front of the palace. You see this after walking up the long drive which is surrounded by the vast amounts of land and gardens, then follow through under the arch through to the court yard, through another arch and into the front :)... this grand entracne alone make the building even more breath taking, plus i saw it during a storm and even in bad weather i was amazed. Must go back on a lovelly day!
The weekend we visited was the first weekend the christmas decorations had been put up for the public! I lvoed all the little details inside (sorry no pictures were alowed to be taken inside), everything was fitting to what it would have been like in the palaces's prime.

These trees in the courtyard i though were a lovelly little touch :) The family of the palace are still living there now, made me very jealous how amazing would it be to have this stunning house in your family and to know such a great deal about your family history.

Firstly excuse the boyfriend and his awful posing...
This show the back of the palace, the detial shown here is what you can expect inside the building aswell. The palace was originall y made as a gift for winning a war. Not sure how long it took to build but can imagine if builders today were to be given this to build would take them a very long time. The gardens are just as beautiful as the building itself, As i said before the weather wa pretty bad that day so didnt have ahcnace to look roudn them but with my new yearly pass i shall be going back to see the award winning garndens and miles and miles of land.

Mwah xxx

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Birthday Dress

So guys,

Its my birthay in two whole sleeps, yes scary thought turning 20 no more childish teen years for me. But of course on every girls birthday she needs a new dress!
Finding it very hard to find one atm... so anyone seen anything nice at the moment. Remembering my love for pearls? Something for a meal and cocktails with the girls!?
Here are a few suggestions...



Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cheryl Marry Me?

Along with the rest of Britain on Sunday i spent the whole day looking forward to our nations new favourite icons performance on X factor.
She was amazing.. and did us all Proud. I must admitt have overly watched the perfance, getting on to 20th time i do belive
Oh cheryl How We Love You

Monday, 19 October 2009

Uggs Hot Or Not?

Many of my friends and follow FMB's voiced there opnion today that they thought Uggs were NOT Hot!... SHOCK .. i do understand they are a little 2007 but surely they now are a continual classic shoe that some how will always stay in, matching with nearly anything and everything possible. But apprently this isnt so anymore and many wouldnt be seen dead in the yetti boot!

I recently brought these uggs... as so against spending £190 on shoes (cheapo or what!)

They have been great! Very very warm and cosy at some points too warm... but definetly come in handy in the cold northen months here in Notts! Definetly a must have if not in to spending a fortune!

I personally feel many just dont want to be associated with the "preppy" stero type look. Which is fair enough on many accounts, but i cant believe no one wouldnt want to spend all day walking around the comfortand warmth!

So in my next step to find out if Uggs arnet Hot or Not and if Not why people still wear them? I asked a few people around the city campus to see there opnions, i also asked a few online jst as i was feeeling bit chilly and lazy!

Here were some of the reactions:

"I think there just one of those things that arnet in but people will still wear them"

"Go with everything so why not wear them"

"People only wear them cos there a substitue for slipers for outside wear!"

"One of those things that arent in or out but are always there"

"Is it me or are uggs the hottest most sexiest things around" - This one i liked alot!

One afternoon around my city campus i looked out for Ugg wearers. It wasnt hard! Liturally everyother girl was wearing a pair of uggs, whether tall, short, black, pink, knitted or sheepskin it seems Nottingham trent University LOVE them! For evidence of this i asked a few if i could snap them in there Uggs... (Pictures unavalible at the moment ahhhh)
What i loved more was that many were wearing a slection of brands not just the branded ugg! Personally i dont by the brand ones as paying for the name and why should you!

So in conclusion to my week on random research to see if Uggs are Still Hot or Not, i personally feel people dont necessariyl see them as hot. There a shoe which will be around for some time and are just practically and compfy. So why i dont see why people should be looked down on at wearing them. So i shout out ot people out there who are yet to place there feet into a wamr comfy pair of uggs to do so.. every foot desrves it! There definetly sticking around whether the fashion gurus like it or not! Plenty of people still are, and still make them Hot!



Little info on little old me...

Hey guys,

So little light information on me. So may be thinking whats with the pearly Premo... well as im sure your begin to find out im obsessed with pearls, it practually sums me up in one!
Currently living and studying in nottingham at nottingham Trent University. I think i do THE best course in the history of course... Fashion Marketing and Branding or as the girls would say... FMB!
So bascailly this blog will consist of me blabbering on and on about what i like or dislike and random stuff going on in my life of FMB!