Monday, 22 February 2010

The coldest City on Earth


So back from Paris, it was just as you would expect. I have many thousands of pictures i could upload. However the one place that i was really amazed by was Ver Sails, this amazing palace took my breath away.
Every detail from floors to ceilings to door knobs had been thought about and crafted to amazing standard. If your going to Paris definetly a place to go too.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Next week i have an amazing chance for yet another trip with my university to Paris. Were jetting off a week on monday to the city of romance and Love for a week.
Oh so very excited to take trips round the famous museums and sites. We are also very priverlaged to get a chance to go to Premiar Vision.
Just thought put it up here.. i shal be needin help on what to wear and what not to wear. Decision decisions my people!
Will i meet my french lover?? or retunr and relaise england is the place for me? I may even go all french and try there cusine. The french look is a must my friends.

Friday, 22 January 2010



Back in the summer my brother in law and i set out to do a photoshoot. I came up with the concept using inspiration from a May vogue addition shoot. My brother In Law facnies himself as a bit of a photographer sdo after planning each pic he took the snaps and this is some of what we came up with.
The shoot was set in a lovely crafts type house ( my uncles) it has many oringal features so tried to use some of these. Showing glam (me) against rustic and old (the house) also alot of natureish looks.

This image i liked the most. After as part of university summer project i tunred this in to a magazine cover. ( too large to upload on here) The face portrait made a great cover.

This picture was to show the light coming through. I thought the colour of the green would work well with the light and the hint of diamonds to relflect this. I copied the way i had my arms from the shoot in vogue. Think it frames the head and body well.

Here wanted to show the lanscape around and the portrait of the clothing. The way in which model is standing is to relfect the awakardness of the building behind and clothing reflects the bright flowers too.

Hope you like ,