Monday, 11 April 2011

RoundHay Park

This weekend was a hot one, not only for england but especially for APRIL! I was up in Leeds during this rather sweaty weekend so took the time to visit the cities parks.

On Sunday i spent the day walking around Round Hay Park. I didnt know anything about the place before i went, but as soon as i stepped in to the ground i knew this must belong to a country home.

And indeed it did. While making my way up a long path i looked up and there it was, a beatifully designed and situated Manor house.

This place was stunning, although i didnt go inside as i was too bust enjoying the gardens, park, lake, woods, 2nd lake, more land, more woods and many attractions i could just picture that one day many hundreds years ago it would have been a beautiful place to have lived.

Sadly i didnt have my camera on me, so i have had to search the internet to find images that really show how lovely this place was. I hope these do it justice..


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