Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kate stop loosing weight!

The daily Mail today have picutres of Kate shopping again in Windsor for her honeymoon. I was shocked to see how thin she is looking! Although i can only imagine the stress she is under i dont think she is looking her best!


Ahhh the ring!

Lucy x

The Royal Wedding. Part 1

With the Royal Wedding only a week away i think i can honestly say i am totally consumed by it all.
What has interested me the most are the videos on YouTube. To make me smile inbetween doing my disseration ( vain of my life) i have been amusing myself by finding the top Kate and Will youtube video of the day.
Many of my facebook follwers i think have begun to realise my obsession with anything British and anything wedding orientated. So obviously the wedding is furfilling alot of my obsessions!

T mobile have done a mick take of the wedding video posted a few years ago to Chris Brown Forever. This featured an american couple getting married. They walked down the isle to Forver along with their wedding party. This feel good song and amusing dancing made the video a hit on You Tube with many wedding lovers! I personally loved it, and wish i too could have the confidence to pull something like this off

T Mobiles version shows the Royal Family walking downt the isle in a simular way. My words cant describe how funny i found this. Best to watch it for yourself i think...

I hope you enjoyed this as much as i did..
More Royal wedding tomorrow.. with the release of the Kate and Will DVD of how they met Movie i will be giving my low down on it all! eeekkk Also top tips on how to dress like Kate Middleton. Am i going ott? I will leave it for you to deside

Lucy x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Cliveden and I

Chantelle Haywood one of my closest friends celebrated her 21st back in Feburary. She kibdly invited me to have lunch at Cliveden.
Cliveden Manor is a place i know well. As i live close by when growing it up the gardens and walks were a place my parents took us several times. I say it is the place where my love for Manor houses started.

Here is a little history from the website on Cliveden Manor just for those who wish to know...

The History of Cliveden

"The first house was built in 1666 by the 2nd Duke of Buckingham. A notorious rake, schemer and wit, he created Cliveden as a hunting lodge where he could entertain his friends and mistress. Since then it has twice been destroyed by fire, only to emerge, phoenix-like, more stunning than before. The house has played host to virtually every British Monarch since George I and has been home to three Dukes, an Earl and Frederick Prince of Wales.

Queen Victoria, a frequent guest, was not amused in 1893 when the house was bought by William Waldorf Astor, America’s richest citizen. When he gave it to his son and daughter-in-law in 1906 Cliveden became the hub of a hectic social whirl where guests included everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Winston Churchill, and President Roosevelt to George Bernard Shaw.

Harold Macmillan, another frequent guest, when told that the house was eventually to become a hotel, remarked “My dear boy, it always has been.” The tradition of impeccable hospitality and extravagant entertainment continues to make any stay at Cliveden the experience of a lifetime.

Stephen Ward and Christine Keeler were staying in Spring Cottage when they triggered the infamous Profumo scandal. So, even the cottage is not without its share of colourful Cliveden history."
From Clivedenestate National trust homes website 2011

As mentioned before this House was apart of my childhood. I  have spent many a sundays as a child being dragged around, sent on walks, sitting in the cafe and spending hours looking at the famous flower beds! I however always dreamed of being a lady of the house, being waited on, served devine food and just being able to enjoy the beautiful splender of the house itself.

A few years ago for my sisters hen day My mum, sister and i spent the day at the Cliveden spa. This was lovely. Waited on hand and foot, massaged, bath and munched on some pretty yummy lunch.A little bit of my dream, being within the grounds as a customer and closer to living the dream.

This was what i thought would be the only and last time i would experience the lifestyle that went with attending Cliveden Manor (without being a national trust visitor)

A few summers later while working with a Nannying I had a few Jobs at Cliveden Manor hotel. This was my chance to enter inside the house. Although not how i had originally dreamt of i was in and part of somones Amzing wedding day at a apsolute dream reception location! As i drove up the drive i imaged driving up dropping my car off to the footman outside as i was to enter and be served a delightlful meal. However this wasnt to be ... i was the one looking after the guests and only to look upon the bride and groon take part in there stunning wedding and the visitors sit back and enjoy an amazing 4 course meal.

Febuary 2011

I recieved an invitation from Miss Chonnie Haywood a very delightful, close, amazing friend of mine..

"Lucy i was wondering if you would like to celebrate my 21st birthday me my family and I at Cliveden Manor for sunday lunch"

 The excitemen hit me, i was to sit down in Cliveden and have a 4 course meal, with a lovely family. The planning of the alfit began.

As i drove up the drive i felt like somone special...

The meal was as i excpected. Very " Cliveden" Elegant in every way possible . It was a meal i wont forget and now when i take my children round Cliveden house i can tell them how i used to walk around the ground, work in the house, went to the spa and finally got served a delightful meal celebrating a special friends 21st birthday


Monday, 11 April 2011

RoundHay Park

This weekend was a hot one, not only for england but especially for APRIL! I was up in Leeds during this rather sweaty weekend so took the time to visit the cities parks.

On Sunday i spent the day walking around Round Hay Park. I didnt know anything about the place before i went, but as soon as i stepped in to the ground i knew this must belong to a country home.

And indeed it did. While making my way up a long path i looked up and there it was, a beatifully designed and situated Manor house.

This place was stunning, although i didnt go inside as i was too bust enjoying the gardens, park, lake, woods, 2nd lake, more land, more woods and many attractions i could just picture that one day many hundreds years ago it would have been a beautiful place to have lived.

Sadly i didnt have my camera on me, so i have had to search the internet to find images that really show how lovely this place was. I hope these do it justice..