Saturday, 21 November 2009

Blenium Palace


So as part of my birthday the boyfriend took me here. I love these places get a little to in to them. It wasnt a lovelly day wetahre wise but wow it is an amazing place. This history and just the building it self is just breath taking!!

This is the front of the palace. You see this after walking up the long drive which is surrounded by the vast amounts of land and gardens, then follow through under the arch through to the court yard, through another arch and into the front :)... this grand entracne alone make the building even more breath taking, plus i saw it during a storm and even in bad weather i was amazed. Must go back on a lovelly day!
The weekend we visited was the first weekend the christmas decorations had been put up for the public! I lvoed all the little details inside (sorry no pictures were alowed to be taken inside), everything was fitting to what it would have been like in the palaces's prime.

These trees in the courtyard i though were a lovelly little touch :) The family of the palace are still living there now, made me very jealous how amazing would it be to have this stunning house in your family and to know such a great deal about your family history.

Firstly excuse the boyfriend and his awful posing...
This show the back of the palace, the detial shown here is what you can expect inside the building aswell. The palace was originall y made as a gift for winning a war. Not sure how long it took to build but can imagine if builders today were to be given this to build would take them a very long time. The gardens are just as beautiful as the building itself, As i said before the weather wa pretty bad that day so didnt have ahcnace to look roudn them but with my new yearly pass i shall be going back to see the award winning garndens and miles and miles of land.

Mwah xxx

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